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Pioneering in Steel Making Refractory & Foundry Auxiliary Supplies

No Bake Alkaline Phenolic Resin POLYTEC Products


Product Advantage

  • Used in all alloys. Perfect for steel, copper, iron and aluminum castings
  • Binder addition rates typically between 1.2 – 2.0% based on sand weight
  • Catalyst addition rates between 20-25% based on resin weight
  • Ideal sand temperature: 20-30 °C
  • Bench life/strip time be adjusted by blending slow or fast catalyst
  • Suitable for alcohol and water based refractory coatings
  • Water-soluble, alkaline, phenol-formaldehyde polymer
  • Low nitrogen, phosphorous and sulfur free for better quality castings
  • Low odor, low fume and low emission. Environmental friendly to improve working condition
  • High thermal strength. Reduce expansion and penetration defects
  • Absorb initial sand expansion at pouring
  • Good breakdown. High sand reclamation ration
  • Excellent pattern release for better precise castings dimension